The X-Ray Podcast

Admiral Mike Rogers: From Russia with Chaos


The Ukraine war took an unexpected turn — into Russia. The spectacular march on Moscow by Vladimir Putin’s rebellious henchman exposed the strongman’s surprising weakness. During these dramatic events, the Russian nuclear superpower teetered on the edge of chaos. And as America ramps up support for Ukraine, an unstable Russia is now an even bigger threat to the global democratic order.

Fernando is joined by Admiral Mike Rogers who unravels the web of Ukraine war politics, shedding light on the almost Russian coup. Drawing upon his extensive experience as the former director of the National Security Agency (NSA), commander of the United States Cyber Command, and chief of the Central Security Service, Admiral Rogers shares unique, fresh insights into what’s really happening in a Russia destabilized by Putin’s war. Rogers is a member of Issue One’s National Council on Election Integrity and Council for Responsible Social Media.

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