The X-Ray Podcast

Andrew Yang Leaps Forward – Will He Land?


Andrew Yang is at it again. Starting with his debut on the national stage in the 2020 presidential election, the entrepreneur without government experience jumped into the political arena with a fresh message and camera-ready charisma. And though he lost his quest for the presidency, he gained a national following and reputation for deep thoughts.

Now, Yang is taking another big leap — creating a new political party that wants to inject more democracy and accountability into our sometimes shambolic political system. It’s a big, ambitious vision.

Yet, Yang has been criticized for setting in motion a third party vote-splitting process that may — inadvertently — hand the White House back to Donald Trump in 2024. 

So, which is it? In an intense and surprising conversation, Fernando and Yang explore whether his latest Big Idea is a solution for political dysfunction — or a threat to American democracy.

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